Lean Management and People Solutions Inc. (LEAN Inc.) is a  Business Process Outsourcing corporation engaged in the field of Human Resources. It incorporates Lean Management practices to optimize efficiency in its own operations and services to clients. It provides HR Solutions such as (but not limited to): manpower/labor contracting, executive search/headhunting, trainings/seminars, events management, consultancies. Its services are customized depending on the needs and results required by its clients.

LEAN Inc. was organized last 2010 by professionals engaged in the field of Human Resouces, Business, Engineering and Healthcare.  The integration of young minds and the experience of the pioneer group enabled LEAN Inc. to be flexible in dealing with any situation, meeting various challenges and delivering results.  

LEAN’s Inc.’s primary objective is to provide opportunities to the unemployed Filipinos who have the potentials while at the same time addressing the manpower needs and requirements of its clients in a cost-effective approach. LEAN Inc.’s competitive advantage is its strong commitment to its clients in delivering quality services according to their expectations, while maintaining good rapport with its clients, management and contracted employees.

WHY Lean Management and People Solutions Inc?

  • Lean Management and People Solutions Inc. have a highly skilled set of talents that are built on referral and successful partnerships.
  • Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled in identifying top talent nationwide and matching them with the client’s needs.
  • We only offer five-star quality service to our clients.
  • We know your industry and the employees you need
  • We reward our clients with utmost manpower support that transcends the average client-agency relationship.
  • We are always visible and available when need arises.
  • Our employees are highly trained to cope with your standard expectations.
  • We are diligent and prompt in serving salaries and benefits to our casuals.
  • Because LEAN customizes its services in accordance to your needs and requirements.
    LEAN is all about being efficient and “just right”.



LEAN Inc. strongly believes in INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS and SUSTAINABILITY to enable business to grow, develop and continuously adapt to socio-economic changes.

It is committed to Quality Management and Good People Management Practices in serving the needs of its clients and employees.


LEAN Inc. is dedicated to help its business partners attain their goals and objectives of growth, productivity and profitability by focusing on their human resources needs.


LEAN Inc. has a wide-array of services in the field of human resources, and these are the following:

  1. Executive Search and Talent Sourcing
  2. Onboarding and Manpower Deployment
  3. Trainings and Seminars
  4. Compensation and Benefits Administration
  5. Consultation on Employee Engagement
  6. Events Management


To be the country’s leading major partner of business in the field of Good People Development and Management Practices in day-to-day operations and in the implementation of their strategic plans.